Holidays mark all kinds of special occasions but arguably the most important of all is the honeymoon holiday, this is the one holiday that celebrates the marriage of two people and their hopes and dreams for the future – this is the holiday that sets the tone for the married life that stretches happily in front of them.

There are many variations on the honeymoon theme and what is perfect for one couple might be a nightmare for another, whereas couple were once happy to spend three nights in a guest house in Whitby, honeymooners now at the very least expect a weekend in a European capital and a good many expect a great deal more from their honeymoon.

Honeymoon holiday destinations range from the most undisturbed idyllic retreats to the bustling bright lights of the big city, for some honeymooners the appeal is in the activities for others it is in the distance from the rest of civilisation; tour operators have recognised this and although traditional honeymoons are very much still available, the range of holidays has been extended to include some less usual destinations.



For the height of luxury and a holiday destination that will be forever entwined with the word honeymoon is the archipelago of the Seychelles, a myriad of islands, some isolated and accessible only by private boat, this is the final word in privacy and idyllic locations. Miles of golden beaches surrounded by the azure blue waters of the Indian ocean make this the most relaxing of destinations.

A romantic secluded paradise with all the luxury that any honeymoon couple could wish for the Seychelles may be seen as a more traditional honeymoon destination but there is good reason for this, they have stood the test of time and still remain a firm favourite for any discerning honeymoon couple.



Only a short journey away from the UK, the history and culture of mainland Greece and the Greek Islands speak for themselves, top class hotels are widely available without the high prices of long haul travel. Whether you choose to stay in Athens with all its cultural delights or hide away on the smallest of islands, the Greek will welcome you with open arms, a huge heart and hospitality that will make you feel like family.

The food and the drink conjures up the sense of Mediterranean sunsets, the whitewashed building with their calm beauty give a sense of true well being, and the warm summer evenings bring with them a romance that is infectious, those honeymooners that venture out of their rooms will be rewarded by the perfection of a romantic Greek holiday.



Not just another island destination Hawaii offers the truly unexpected, dramatic coastlines, volcanic backdrops and a natural beauty that could make you weep; open and friendly the people of Hawaii seem to know the perfect etiquette for any occasion, neither obtrusive nor aloof, your every need will be catered for before you even request it.

Hawaii has long been associated with romance and still remains a global favourite honeymoon destination despite the toughest of competition.


When to Visit

As most honeymoons immediately follow a wedding they often take place during the summer months, most weddings are planned many months in advance giving plenty of time to research and plan the best possible honeymoon destination for the time of year and the conditions.

The perfect honeymoon is one that fits the brief of the honeymoon couple, the destination may not be as important as the weather but a more likely requirement is the promise of romance, seclusion and privacy for the honeymoon couple to begin their lives together.

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