Family holidays are not necessarily the same for every family, some families will prefer solitude and calm, others will want the busy thriving resort feel whilst some will want discovery and adventure, but they should all have one thing in common, an appeal to the children of the family and the ability to keep them occupied even when the weather isn’t quite going to plan.

A good family holiday resort will cater to the needs of the children whereas a great one will also look after the needs of the parents, ensuring that they have a holiday too. Often the two things go hand in hand with children’s clubs providing respite to the most harassed of parents and giving them a short break from the most demanding members of the family.

Family holidays usually need three key ingredients: sunshine, fun and child friendly accommodation, many summer sun destinations sell themselves as ideal for family holidays and offer tailor made holidays that are age appropriate for the children in the party. In general the holiday companies have learnt that if the children are happy then the parents will be happy too.


British Family Holidays

There are many advantages to holidaying in the British Isles as a family particularly when you have much younger children: travelling that can be done at your own convenience, mild weather conditions  without extremes of heat, familiar food and access to healthcare – all these things can make the family holiday a lot less stressful.

Family Holidays taken in Britain don’t need to compromise on comfort and quality though, there are some great self catering properties available to rent in beautiful locations throughout the country and many hotels (particularly in seaside locations) welcome families and cater brilliantly for young children.

Holiday Camps are the traditional British way to enjoy a family holiday and although a few relics of the past still exist, the new resorts are sleek and slick with facilities that will guarantee a great family holiday. From luxury caravans to wooden lodges in the forest each resort is geared up to offer activities on even the rainiest of days. British family holidays are often overlooked because of the unpredictable weather, but they have come a long way and any adverse conditions  no longer need to stop the fun.


Florida Family Holidays

The ultimate in family holiday experiences has to be the world famous destination of Orlando, the accommodation although often quite basic has all the facilities that you need and is geared up to families that will spend most of their time out and about. Shuttle buses frequent the hotel districts taking passengers back and forth to all the attractions and theme parks that the area is famed for.

Every child (and adult) who visits Florida expects to spend time at magical Disneyland, no matter how old or young they are, and with its amazing attractions they will not be disappointed; the queues can be relentless and the heat blistering so make sure you are prepared for the day ahead. Even with the queues there is no doubting that Disneyland is the most special of experiences that makes a Florida holiday so appealing to families.

Florida has more to offer than just Disneyland though, there are many other theme parks, beautiful beaches, world class golf courses and brilliant shopping, all with the best range of family food outlets imaginable. It may not be sophisticated but Florida has something for everyone and will keep any child occupied throughout the holiday. This is the destination for a once in a lifetime family holiday that will never be forgotten.


When to Visit

Family holidays will tend to occur during the school holidays which will inevitably push up the price of any pre-booked package holiday, one way to avoid this is to travel independently, this is particularly cost effective if the region that you plan on visiting is not having their peak season..

This is not always a practical option, those with particularly young children may wish to have all the stress taken out of arranging the holiday and opt to use a reputable travel operator.

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