For some people the idea of a holiday involves little more than lying on a beach reading a book which although very relaxing is not something that  everybody considers fun.

Fun to some people is cycling through the country of their choice taking in the sights that are only accessible on foot or by bike.

Cycling holidays can be as gentle or as extreme as you like, from mountain biking along trails in the Alps to sedate tours through the flat lands of The Netherlands, the range of cycling holidays available has something for every cyclist, irrespective of age or ability.

Organised cycling tours are the safest way to cycle through a country with accommodation prearranged and a guide to ensure that the correct route is followed, but the more seasoned cyclist may choose to travel independently to experience the views on their terms, for those a little uncertain about this, some tour companies will provide maps and pre-book accommodation for you but leave you to make your own way around the countryside. Whichever way you choose, a cycling holiday is the ultimate way to experience a country in an entirely new and privileged way.


Champagne Cycling Holidays

Cycling through this beautiful French region is a revelation, your route will take you through the many great vineyards of the region with plenty of time to drink in the sights. This is one of the more gentle cycling holidays and with the amount of great food and wine on offer it is probably just as well.

Starting in the historic city of Reims this cycling holiday is a gastronomical delight and celebrates all that is decadent about the French lifestyle. Visiting grand mansions and touring their wine cellars, sampling the most famous of sparkling wines and eating in great restaurants, this is the cycling holiday for those that want great rewards for their days work.


Danube Cycling Holidays

Starting in Germany the Danube River soon passes into beautiful Austria

and cycling along its banks is the perfect way to see this amazing part of the world. A fairly gentle cycling holiday this is one that takes in the culture of the country as well as the gorgeous scenery.

The boats of the Danube will ferry you from one side of the river to the other allowing you to enjoy the scenery and to choose your own path, they will also take you along stretches of the river giving you a well earned break. Following the Danube into Vienna gives you the perfect end to a fabulous holiday filled with music, culture and history and allows you to enjoy one of the most beautiful cities of the world.


Himalayan Cycling Holidays

Tibet may not be the first place that you think of when looking to book a cycling holiday but for those that want a high octane adventure with extreme mountain biking there can be no greater mountain that Everest itself. Extreme tours of the region will see you cycling across the peaks of the Himalayas with the amazing experience of cycling to Everest base camp which at over 5000m offers the views of a lifetime.

Only for the most active, this cycling holiday is filled with excitement as you face the cruel elements of the mountains but the sense of achievement coupled with the longest downhill ride in the world makes this the most rewarding of holidays.


When to Visit

This is entirely dependant on what you wish to see, every country has its own seasons and whether you wish to cycle through fields of flowers or see the arid lands in all their wild beauty it is important that you choose the right time of year to do so.

Cycling can be a relentless activity so ensure that whenever you go that you take appropriate clothing, sunscreens or waterproofs, you may be travelling light so it is important to know exactly what conditions to expect.

In general it is much more pleasant to cycle on sunny days but sometimes it is essential to brave less pleasant conditions in order to appreciate the true beauty of the region.

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