Beach holidays mean something different to everybody, whether you have a large family or plan to travel solo there is always something that will appeal to you.

The beauty of an isolated location and the undeniable romance of watching the sun set over the sea is a completely different experience to the first holiday that a teenager ventures on without the supervision of a parent.

No matter what you expect from a beach holiday there will be a destination that will suit your needs some have culture, some have beauty and some have little more than donkeys and trams but what they all have in common is a charm that draws people back to them time and time again.


British Beach Holidays

If you are travelling with a young family or just want to take a last minute inexpensive holiday Britain boasts some great beach locations, unfortunately the weather is not guaranteed making it less popular than it deserves to be. The coastline around the island boasts much wildlife and undiscovered beauty but for a true beach holiday it must have golden sands and water activities, for this reason Camber Sands in East Sussex is considered to be one of the best beach locations in Britain.

Sandy beaches and sand dunes dominate this traditional but elegant seaside resort with plenty of space for playing on the beach or simply relaxing with a good book. Windsurfers bob about on the waves taking full advantage of the sea breezes making this resort popular with the young crowd as well as families wanting the perfect beach holiday. Good quality elegant accommodation is readily available as are inexpensive camp sites and complexes.


The Spanish Coast

For those that want more of a guarantee of sunshine with their holiday the best place in Europe to head for is Southern Spain, particularly the south eastern  region of Andalucia. From beautiful white villages and deserted beaches to thriving resorts with all the nightlife that you could ever need Andalucia has it all. The most popular of the regions for beach holidays is the Costa Del Sol,

Family friendly with safe beaches and resorts that offer entertainment to keep every member of the family occupied this is the area to head for if you like your holidays uncomplicated.

Although the summer sun can be blisteringly hot the cool breezes travelling in from the sparkling azure seas make it much more bearable and the pleasant evening temperatures ensure that the entertainment carries on long into the night. Often overlooked for its more glamorous cousins the Costa Del Sol has delights that are just waiting to be discovered.



For the truly exotic and undiscovered there is little competition to take the crown from Zanzibar, this island in the waters of the East-African coast has miles of powdery white sand, looking out over  perfect calm waters. Beautiful blue skies reflected in clear waters with exotic marine life darting about amongst the coral makes for the most magnificent yet serene beach holiday of them all.

Yet Zanzibar itself is an island of colour and vibrancy, its history as an important link in the spice trade giving it a feeling of the exotic, colourful houses fill the tiny fishing villages and the smell of  spices fills the air. Monkeys run about playfully stealing tourists belonging, running off back into the dense greenery with their spoils, chattering gleefully to their partners in crime.

Zanzibar does not have the universal appeal of the lively beach resorts but it is idyllic with  some of the best beaches and perfect weather in the world. For those wanting an island paradise Zanzibar ‘the spice island’ is one of the few remaining hidden gems just waiting to be discovered.


When to Visit

Most places are subject to seasonal fluctuations in the weather and depending on which country you are visiting the changes in weather can be extreme or they can be slight. Not everyone wants to visit in the peak of the season and for some the cool evenings of the spring and autumn can be perfect.

The key is to research the area that you plan on visiting and to tailor your travel to the time that best suits your preferences.

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