Bath, England is a fascinating and beautiful city with dramatic Georgian architecture, incredibly preserved ancient Roman ruins, and pleasant mix of old world tradition and modern culture.

As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the city boasts some of the most interesting and unique architecture, attractions, museums, and garden in all of Europe.  Bath offers something for everyone, whether you are a history buff looking for an enriching experience, or you are seeking a unique destination where you can enjoy a fun and relaxing holiday.


Where to Stay

You will find a wide range of lodging options in Bath.  There is something for every travel taste, from guest houses to bed and breakfast inns to budget and high-end hotels.  Whether you are looking for a quiet countryside experience or  modern comfort in the center of the city, you will have no trouble find the right accommodations for you.

Originally built by the Duke of Wellington in 1830, Apsley House is a charming  privately owned Georgian-style house located just outside the city center.  The decor and guest rooms are sumptuously decorated, and the hosts are beyond friendly.  This isn’t your typical bed and breakfast inn, you will feel like royalty when you stay here.

Located in the city center, and within walking distance to all of Bath’s major attractions, The Halcyon is a stunning Georgian townhouse featuring 21 comfortable and well-appointed guest rooms.  The rates are reasonable, the staff is wonderful, and the cafe/lounge serves up the perfect cocktail.

Housed in a collection of historic buildings and gardens, the Royal Crescent Hotel is the epitome of luxurious lodging in historic Bath.  Rear suites open up to a lush English garden, perfect for a romantic getaway or honeymoon holiday.  Guests are served breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, and dinner on a daily basis.


Where to Eat

Food is plentiful in Bath, owed to the fertile farmlands that surround the city.  The farmers markets are filled to the brim with fresh local flavors, and are definitely worth a visit or two.  There are plenty of other dining options in Bath, as well, from restaurants and cafes located in the many hotels to spots around town that you can happen upon during your exploration.

A modern setting and a large menu of delicious items make Allium Brasserie a favorite in Bath.  Located inside the Abbey Hotel, the walls are decorated with contemporary paintings.  The menu is extensive, with everything from soups to salads to meat dishes to seafood.  The set menu is an excellent value.

Menu Gordon Jones wins rave reviews for its inventive menu and excellent service, and is widely considered to be the best restaurant in Bath.  With a setting that’s a bit funky and even a little Bohemian, filled with vivid colors and soothing music, it is easy to forget that you are in the center of a bustling city, and not transported to another place entirely.

Located in the heart of Bath, Tilleys Bistro is adored by visitors and local residents alike.  The menu offers something for every palate, and all of the dishes are lovingly prepared.  This is a perfect place for a quiet romantic meal.


What to Do

Bath is home to a unique hot springs, and the ancient Romans took advantage of this by constructing a spring-fed bath there.  They are no longer in use, but the 2,000 year old structures are remarkably preserved.

A visit to Bath is not complete until you wander through the ancient rooms, used by the Romans and during Medieval and Victorian times.  The architecture and construction are stunning and impressive.

Located next to the Roman Baths is Bath Abbey.  Construction began in 1499 on this, the last Gothic church in England.  Take a trip up the Abbey tower for an impressive view of the city.

Tour all of the crescent shaped streets lined with beautiful Georgian architecture, including Royal Crescent, Camden Crescent, and Cavendish Crescent.

There are numerous museums and galleries to explore, including the Building of Bath Museum, the Museum of Costume, the Jane Austen Centre, or the Hershel Museum of Astronomy, to name a few.


When to Visit

Bath is lovely every month of the year, and there are reasons to have a holiday there anytime.  Spring is in bloom and the air is comfortable.  Summer is warm and bustling.  Autumn features golden hues and lower hotel rates.  Wintertime in Bath begins with a Christmas wonderland.

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