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The Andulucian region of Southern Spain is as diverse as it is exciting; mountain ranges, lush valleys, snowcapped mountains and miles of glorious coastline make this the perfect destination to see not only cosmopolitan Spain, but also wild untamed Spain with its rustic villages and historic communities that hold onto generations of tradition.

Crystal clear blue seas, golden beaches and a lively crowd or the peace of a mountain idyll, whatever it is that you crave from a holiday, Andalucia with its rich mix of culture, sports, sunshine and fun can deliver. Not just one destination but a whole book of destinations, this is the region that is perfect for everyone.


Andalucia Destinations

For a lively city break that you will never forget be sure to visit Seville the capital of Andalucia, historic and beautiful with breathtaking architecture that is a product of hundreds of years of trade and wealth. The Arabic influence both in the food and the landmarks is still evident, giving Seville an exotic feel amongst the sights and smells of traditional Spain. Famous for Flamenco and tapas Seville has outstanding nightlife that never forgets its roots, embracing you in its warmth and making this city destination one to always remember.

The Andalucian region is famed for its sun and sea and has almost 500 miles of glorious coastline, some of it lively and some of it an undiscovered paradise. With coast along the wild Atlantic ocean as well as the gentle warm Mediterranean sea the region yet again offers something for everyone. Whether your idea of fun is the excitement of Malaga with its lively marinas and nightlife or the peaceful calm of the Costa Tropical, they all offer  warm waters, never ending sunshine and miles of sandy beaches.

Sierra Nevada is the most southerly ski resort in Europe and unbelievably only 50 miles  from the sparkling Mediterranean sea. This resort is no lightweight though, with over 100 pistes and exceptional quality snow it is a destination for beginners and serious skiers alike. The snow may be excellent, but the nightlife is even better with that warm Spanish welcome awaiting you wherever you go.

What to Do

Try the local cuisine, Andalucia is famed for its gastronomy and

has many diverse dishes for you to sample; the coastal regions are renowned for their fish whereas inland game features heavily on the menu. Fragrance and flavour are the main components of the excellent local dishes, gazpacho soup  (chilled and prepared with fresh vegetables and plenty of pepper and garlic) is loved throughout the region and best sums up the influence of the abundance of local fresh produce, always prepared simply but packed with big bold flavours.

There are plenty of options if you want indulge in your passion for sports with Andalucia offering a huge range of different sporting activities, activities as diverse as skiing, diving or perhaps the most beautiful of all – horse riding through the mountain trails or along the miles of golden beaches.

Golf lovers flock to Andalucia with its choice of over 120 golf courses set in some of the most beautiful locations in the world, over half of these courses are found in the Costa Del Sol which with its amazing climate makes the perfect golfing destination.

Laid back and relaxed during the day many of the larger towns in the region become lively and vibrant by night with a wide range of entertainment choices. Whether a quiet restaurant, a packed nightclub or a casino are your idea of fun you can find them all with ease.

There are tourist areas within the region that people flock to for a good time and there are places where you will be the only non-local. As diverse as you like, Andalucia really does offer the holiday that you want and delivers, whatever your expectations.


When to Visit

In the coastal regions the summers are long and hot with the Mediterranean breeze providing some relief from the intense heat. The winters are mild and pleasant making the region popular throughout the year, however further inland can be subject to some quite heavy rain and a much cooler climate.

Andalucia is the perfect destination whether you want the summer sun or the very best of winter snow and always has something to draw you to the region.

The events calendar is packed throughout the year, although it is always wise to check the information specific to your area of interest to ensure that you travel at the best time.

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