Scenic and sumptuous, Thailand has something to offer every discriminating traveler.  Gorgeous beaches, intoxicating sunsets, world class resorts, and a vibrant culture are just a few of the things that have made Thailand a go-to destination for travelers around the globe.

Whether your holiday takes you to a secluded island or a busy city center, you will receive the same warm welcome and wonderful service from the captivating people that call Thailand their home.

There are so many destinations in Thailand to explore.  Islands and cities along the country’s southern shores have become legendary for both their simplicity and luxury, and each offers its own unique experience for a Thailand holiday.



Known the world over for its nightlife and beaches, Patong, located on western Phuket, is widely considered Asia’ party capital.  It’s crowded, wild, and over the top.  Phuket does have more unspoiled and tranquil destinations, some largely untouched by tourism and development.  Chalong Bay and the rest of southeastern Phuket are still bustling, but not as chaotic as Patong.  The interior of the island is an unspoiled paradise of mangroves, farms, and plantations.  Visit Phra Taew National Park to get a taste of the real Phuket.  Phang Nga Bay is captivating, with its cliffs and caves as well.



Thailand’s capital city is large, loud, and crowded.  It’s modern and ancient, captivating and mysterious.  Its nightlife has a bit of a seedy reputation, but it’s a city filled with history, grand architecture, and a deep spiritual connection.  Divided into 50 distinct district, each with its own personality and something to offer everyone, Bangkok is a destination not to be missed on your Thailand holiday.  Siam Square is the city’s center of commerce, with plenty of shopping and dining to choose from.Yaowarat and Phahurat are home to the city’s Chinese and Indian populations respectively, and the districts are populated with markets, beautiful temples, and delicious dining opportunities.

Thonburi offers a respite from the chaos of other parts of Bangkok, and many visitors enjoy touring the canals and floating markets.


Koh Samui

A fairly large island, but not nearly as crowded as Phuket or Bangkok, Koh Samui is a natural wonder, with beautiful beaches and world-class diving and snorkeling.  There are some more developed beaches like Chaweng, but there are also plenty of quieter and more secluded sandy spots to rest upon, like Laem Yai and Mae Nam.

Chaweng is the most popular destination on the island, and there are plenty of luxury hotels to choose from, as well as a pretty impressive nightlife to experience.  The beaches on the northern end of the island are less crowded with tourists; there, you will have a chance to mingle among the predominant Buddhist population of Koh Samui.


Koh Lanta

For those who want to enjoy the beauty of Thailand without the chaos of the nightlife in the more populous areas, the islands of Koh Lanta is the perfect destination.  Known for white, sandy beaches and impressive diving opportunities, many visit this tropical paradise in hopes of avoiding the crowds of Phuket or Ko Phi Phi.  Koh Lanta is an excellent holiday destination if you are traveling with children.


Hua Hin

Popular with the Thai people as a resort city, Hua Hin is well-developed, but not in the same ways as the more crowded tourists areas of Thailand.  There is plenty to do there.  There is a beautiful beach, where snorkeling is a popular activity.

There are also caves and national parks to explore, mountains and waterfalls to climb, golfing, shopping, and excellent dining options.  Because it is not overrun by the partying tourist crowd, the atmosphere is very family-friendly.

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