Activity holidays are increasing in popularity and none more so than water and boating activities, rafting and canoeing are both popular ways to spend leisure time, either as part of a wider group of activities or as longer holidays exploring hard to reach terrains in either rafts or canoes.

Canoeing or rafting holidays can be a relaxed affair, taking in breathtaking views of inaccessible areas, travelling along miles of serene river in often inhospitable terrain makes canoeing and rafting a unique experience that combines activity, beauty and exploration. These holidays have a level of danger that seems totally at odds with the perfect nature of the still waters but adding to the thrill of the journey.

White water rafting on the other hand is a short intense experience that makes no pretences about its nature, it is done purely for the thrills, whether you are canoeing or rafting down the rapids, the feeling of excitement and fear as the adrenaline courses through your body is probably going to be one of the most hair raising and exhilarating moments of your life.


Snowdonia – North Wales

Perfect for the white water rafting or canoeing experience the River Tryweryn in Snowdonia is a wild mountain river that gives some of the best white water experiences anywhere in the UK, with water that is released from a dam there is no problem with the year round quality of the water and its ability to provide excitement throughout the changing seasons.

Both canoeing and rafting are readily available in Snowdonia with a route that takes in over 7kms of river with changing water conditions; both intense and scenic, all abilities are catered for with tandem canoeing offered  to give you the peace of mind that an experienced professional is paddling alongside you.. Family friendly trips are also available on some of the more gentle of the rapids, giving a more controlled experience to younger members of the party.



Providing that the whole party has a reasonable fitness level and swimming ability then there is no reason why a canoe trip in Sweden is not suitable for the whole family, the calm waters of the Svartalven (Black River) being the perfect way to glide through the Swedish countryside. Outdoor camping makes this a holiday of real discovery although you are safe in the knowledge that Sweden is incredibly safe with civilisation always within reach – ideal for a younger family.

The gentle pace of canoeing allows for nature to exist happily alongside you and your journey; animals are generally not startled by the canoes and continue about their business, elks, beavers, buzzards and eagles all ignore the approach of the gliding canoe, making this the perfect holiday for those wishing to really connect with the natural world.


The Grand Canyon

Although seen as cheating slightly there can be no greater experience than travelling the length of the Grand Canyon on a motorised raft, camping each night beneath the stars. The Colorado river travelling through the canyon it has created  is 280 miles long and in places over a mile deep,  the waters range from white water to calm and tranquil caverns, making this a journey of extremes and perfect for those that love to expect the unexpected.


When to Visit

Whether you are hoping for the exhilaration of white waters or the peace and tranquillity of a journey along the river it is important that you check the local conditions prior to travel, the best weather conditions for water activities may not be pleasing to other travellers so ensure that the whole party is aware of the local conditions prior to travel.

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