Activity Holidays


Some people crave excitement and experiences in their life and are not content with the typical beach holiday, their idea of a holiday involves far more than that. They see their holiday as an adventure, an experience and something that gives you something back, they want an activity holiday.

There are many different types of activity holidays some sedate and some extreme but they all expect some sort of physical input whether it is walking, cycling or taking part in winter sports. The range of available activity holidays is huge and is only inhibited by your own limitations.

Some activity holidays exist because of the great scenery and wildlife, others take advantage of the elements but they all offer you something different, a way to get off the beaten track and to experience countries in a completely new way. Although not for everybody, activity holidays do offer something for most people no matter how capable they are.


Walking Holidays

Perhaps the most commonplace of all the many activity holidays are walking and trekking holidays, these offer a way to see the hidden delights of a country, visiting places often not accessible by road they can be tailored to suit any level of ability and fitness level.

Whether you fancy a trek across some of the most desolate mountain ranges in the world setting up camp as you go or want the gentle pace of a stroll through Tuscany staying at top class hotels the options go on forever. You can choose guided holidays or you can opt to travel independently, you can carry a backpack or you can arrange to have your luggage sent on to the next hotel, the options are completely flexible. Walking and trekking holidays can be as strenuous or as luxurious as you like and there really is something to suit everyone.


Wildlife Holidays

Activity holidays that allow you to get close to nature have always been popular, seeing magnificent creatures in their natural habitat is a goal that most people aspire to. Safari holidays in well managed game reserves have always been popular allowing you to see nature in all its cruel beauty.

Always a well received option Kenya has some particularly breathtaking tours with opportunities to see endangered species like the Rhino as well as the elusive big cats that change from lazy sun seekers to predators in the blink of an eye. Camping out in the wilds gives an authenticity to this magnificent activity holiday.

Not just safaris though, wildlife activity holidays also offer the opportunity of travelling to the most bleak of regions on a polar expedition, what could be more special than seeing the majestic Polar bear roaming the Arctic, totally oblivious to the worry of his disappearing habitat. Whichever animal you set out to see, a wildlife activity holiday is going to be the most amazing experience of  your life.


Multi-Activity Holidays

Why settle for just one activity on your holiday when you can experience a combination of activities, each day bringing a new challenge. Activities as diverse as rock climbing, rafting and dog sledding ensure that there is never a moments boredom. The activities are planned out for you and are structured to cope with any ability; all you need is the stamina and the determination to cope with whatever is thrown at you.

These multi activity holidays are about more than just the activities though, they are about making new friends, socialising and working as a team. Filled with fun and laughter the evenings are all about relaxing as you enjoy a well earned break after a day spent testing your physical limits.


When to Visit

Activity holidays can be enjoyed in any part of the world – places as far apart as Tanzania and the Arctic, so it is important that you choose the time of year that offers the best opportunities for your chosen activity. Cycling through Vietnam during the rainy season would probably not be the first choice for many travellers, doing your research and taking good advice will ensure that your activity holiday is not only the perfect holiday for you, but is taken at the perfect time.

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